Does your mascara become crumbly over the weeks and is no longer easy to apply? This trick solves the problem forever

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With a simple trick you can always use fresh mascara

Mascara is one of the beauty products that we use every day. But the longer we use them, the more the product changes. What used to be creamy mascara that applied easily while separating and emphasizing the lashes is now just dry and crumbly mascara. But there’s a simple trick that will ensure you always have the best quality mascara available.
It is true that you can conjure up long and full eyelashes without mascara, but mascara is still one of the most common methods of creating an attractive look.


Most mascara bottles contain about 6 to 10 ml. While this amount may be comfortable because it lasts quite a while. But it is also the reason why the quality of mascara deteriorates with every day of use. Because every time the bottle is opened, air gets in, causing the mascara to dry out. And no matter how much you rush to cap it – the mascara will never be the same quality after six weeks as it was at the beginning.


So what can you do? The trick is as simple as it is logical: see if your favorite mascara comes in smaller travel sizes. These are usually slightly more expensive and logically used up more quickly. But the second point is an advantage here: Even before the mascara dries up and becomes unusable, you have already used it completely. And if you look at it like this, that most of the larger bottles are not completely emptied because of the loss of quality, it is questionable whether their comparatively lower price really pays off.

By the way: If you move the brush up and down in the cover, you make sure that air gets in very easily. The mascara then dries out even faster. It is better to insert the brush slowly and then turn it once in one direction. This is how you pick up enough mascara without sacrificing quality. But that’s not the only mistake many women make when applying mascara. 


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