It sounds almost too good to be true: Instead of smearing the (quite controversial) ingredients of our favorite deodorant under our armpits in the morning, we could also rely on the effectiveness of a very specific fruit. Which? We reveal that here…

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Freshness and dryness: has a real alternative to deodorant been found?

Sure, deodorant is part of our everyday beauty routine like no other care product. But in recent years, criticism of its (often harmful) ingredients has become louder and louder. All the better that an alternative seems to have been found – and on a completely natural basis: limes. A look into the beauty blogosphere (e.g. at beauty YouTuber and Instagrammer Farah Dhukai ) proves that they are not only suitable as an ingredient in the best summer cocktails, but also as a homemade deodorant substitute. But what’s the catch?


Cut open a standard lime and apply the juice to your armpits immediately after you shower (but not after shaving!). If you don’t like that, you can also put pure lime juice on a cotton pad and apply it with it. Lasting dryness and freshness should be the result of the DIY beauty variant.

By the way: You should definitely apply your deodorant at this point as well!


No question: the beauty tip sounds sensible. After all, lime additives are not found in many beauty products for nothing. Firstly, they have a pleasantly fresh scent, secondly they inhibit unpleasant odors and thirdly, the acid they contain changes the pH value of the skin so that bacteria (which in turn are responsible for the smell of sweat) can settle less easily. Plus: limes are particularly effective as a natural ingredient in deodorants, as they mimic the pore-closing effect of many antiperspirant substances.


But be careful: In connection with strong sunlight, a photoallergic reaction can quickly occur, so-called “margarita dermatitis”. The rash not only looks unsightly, but is also subsequently damaging to the skin. The natural deodorant is therefore not a good alternative for the summer. And so, on hot days of all days, you have to keep using your tried-and-tested deodorant. Fortunately, there are now more and more products without the controversial aluminum salts – after all!


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