Playful and incredibly versatile. Everyone goes crazy for this wavy line design in spring and summer


Curved wavy lines on the nails are trending in summer 2021

This summer we love bright color combinations. In line with this, a new nail design is now conquering the hearts of women of fashion: Swirl Nails . These are looks where colorful wavy lines run across the entire nail. What is special here is the light base coat on which colorful lines are then drawn. These nails are best known for the star nail designer @chaunlegend , who is responsible for singer Dua Lipa’s and actress Zendaya’s nails, among others.

The nice thing about the nail trend: It is extremely versatile. You can be completely creative with the hues, the number of colors and the exact waveform. Either way, it’s a great eye-catcher that complements every summer outfit perfectly and immediately puts you in a good mood!

Apply a light colored nail polish as a base. Then, using one or more colors, narrow and wider wavy lines are drawn on the nail. This works best with a fine nail polish brush. The waves do not always have to be painted from the nail bed to the nail tip, but can start and end freely at different points. Everything must then dry thoroughly and then be fixed with a top coat.

Try doing it yourself at home or take a sample picture to your trusted nail salon.


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