Sheet mask was yesterday! Now everyone is crazy about DIY gel masks. Find out what’s behind the beauty trend here


Gel masks are the new sheet masks

DIY projects are associated with effort, but just as much fun and creativity. It’s also like cooking: If you do it yourself, it’s usually cheaper. That’s why we’re always happy to discover new DIY ideas. This time it’s gel masks that are reminiscent of the popular sheet masks. Of course, making face masks yourself is nothing new, but now they come with a new consistency and handling and with countless possible variations.

To make the masks, you need a special little machine. A mixture of water, caring ingredients of your choice and a collagen tablet are added to this. Then all you have to do is press a small button, the mask is heated and mixed and then poured into a flat face shape. After about ten minutes it has cooled down and can be removed from the mold with a small spatula and placed on the face. After 15 to 20 minutes it is removed and the face rinsed with warm water.

In addition to questionable recipes with cola, glitter or jam, you will also find numerous gel mask ideas that sound sensible. Yoghurt and aloe vera are said to relieve redness and irritation, lime treats oily skin and coconut water moisturizes dry skin. It is important that the ingredients are pureed before they go into the machine. Normal face care products such as serums or micellar water can also be used.

After the purchase of a “mask maker” is not exactly cheap, after a while the whole thing is still worthwhile compared to purchased disposable masks. According to experience reports, however, it takes practice to achieve the right ratio so that the mask does not become too runny or too thin and tear.


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