Japan is known for its extraordinary nail creations. We’re wearing syrup nails from now on

Photo: iStockPhoto

Japanese nail art keeps coming up with new trends

Japan has long been a pioneer when it comes to beauty trends and has been inspiring people with fascinating manicures and extraordinary creations for years. From nail stones and pearls to crazy colors and ornaments.

“Syrup nails” is the name of the beauty trend that originally came from Japan and is now celebrating its comeback. Due to the color gradient characteristic of syrup nails, they are particularly uncomplicated to wear and emphasize playful and feminine looks in particular.

With syrup nails, the base of the nail is transparent and runs in darker shades towards the nail tip, so that it looks as if your nails have been dipped in delicious syrup.

So that the color gradient is flowing, we recommend applying one thin layer of color after the other – from light to dark – after the base coat. And if you prefer it to be subtle, use only one syrup shade and simply refine the rest of the nails with the transparent finish.


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