Jewelry with a real meaning

Necklaces and pendants are elegant eye-catchers that can quickly enhance an outfit. Usually you first choose the clothes and then look at which jewelry could go with it. But many pendants have a deeper meaning and are not only visually interesting.


That’s why we explain below what the most common symbols stand for, so that they make an even stronger statement when you wear them. Meaningful jewelery is also ideal as a lucky charm or to express an intimate relationship.


The history of jewelry

Already 20,000 years ago people recognized an effect in jewelry. By wearing chains or other pieces, one wanted to consciously set oneself apart and express individuality.

At that time it worked, with bones, teeth or feathers. This not only expressed the power of nature, but also the personal position within a group. In this way, social status could be symbolized. Nowadays, the meaning goes even further, because through jewelry one wants to express who one is and what one stands for.

The importance of jewelry today

Nowadays, the jewelry itself should be something special. Wearing it supports or underlines one’s personality, which is why pendants should also have a meaning. The possibilities to decorate ourselves are almost unlimited these days and the price is manageable.

A story can be told in many different ways through an individual piece of jewellery. It is therefore important when buying to pay attention to the symbolism behind a part and whether it suits your own personality.

Jewelry symbolism

The current trend is increasingly leading to statement chains: These are the exclamation point among chains and are suitable for everyone, regardless of age.

In addition, this is no longer based on fashion style, but should clearly state “here I am, that’s me and that’s what I stand for”.

The second trend are symbol chains, which express friendship, luck or love. An example of this is an angel with Swarovski ® stones , which once has an esoteric effect, but also stands for listening or being the savior in need.

Such energetic guardian angels always know what to do and support you in difficult situations. If you look at them, you will feel that they radiate positive energy and warmth. Such symbols can also be given away to show solidarity, but the angels are also a real eye-catcher.

Heart and infinity sign: jewelry symbols of eternal love and fidelity

The heart is one of the most well-known symbols and of course stands for love. Our feelings are at home in the heart and a piece of jewelry with such a symbol can be just the right thing when we can’t express our feelings in words.

Whether you use it to support a good friend, in a challenge or to show your love to your partner, the heart is always a good choice. The infinity symbol, also known as the infinity sign, is very obvious and also widespread.

It stands for limitlessness and eternity. Friends can use it to show that their friendship will last forever, but it is also good for couples.

Tree of life and ginkgo leaf: signs of stability, family happiness and strength

Leaves and trees radiate closeness to nature. The tree of life is a widespread symbol in many cultures. The roots provide a secure hold and the crown with fruit or leaves stands for vitality and wisdom.

Such a pendant is said to provide stability and strength in life and within the family. The two-part ginkgo leaf stands for close partnerships, if you give it as a gift, you wish love, health and happiness.

The Hand of Fatima and Magical Eye: Blessings, luck and protection from evil spirits

Somewhat more exotic are the magic eye and the hand of Fatima. These two symbols can also be displayed together in an ornament and protect against misfortune and evil spirits.

Blessings and happiness are bestowed, Fatima was the youngest daughter of the Prophet Mohammed , who is now regarded as a role model for all mothers. In particular, people who like to carry a talisman with them and like eye-catching jewelry will enjoy it very much.

Globe and anchor: jewelery with meaning for globetrotters and adventurers

Cosmopolitanism and the longing for a distant place are conveyed by a globe or anchor. The globe stands for adventure, while the maritime anchor stands for rootedness in a specific place and eternal loyalty.

Regardless of whether you are preparing for a stay abroad or keep thinking about a special time or a special place, these pieces of jewelery embody exactly that.


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