Timeless pearl jewelry made from Akoya pearls

Pearls as jewelry are timeless and go with almost any clothing. Beautiful but also quite expensive is Akoya pearl jewelry made from saltwater cultured pearls.

Akoya Pearls: Cultivation sites in China and Japan

These Akoya pearls grow in an oyster with the Latin name “Pinctada fucata martensii” and are cultivated primarily in China and Japan.

The Akoya pearl was one of the first to be cultivated on a large scale in Japan, but severe water pollution in recent decades and the associated disease infestation of the mussels has led to a significant drop in production.

White, cream and pink Akoya pearls

The Akoya oyster is the smallest of the pearl-producing oysters. The pearls usually shimmer in the colors white and cream with a slight pink, yellow or green tint. Akoya pearls are now also available in black.

Akoya pearls are relatively small, averaging two to ten millimeters in size. In terms of shape, they very often have an almost exact rounding, which is not very common among pearls. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for pearl jewelry that consists of many matching pearls, such as long necklaces or bracelets.

Attractive Akoya pearl jewelery is available in the lower three-digit price range, since it is a question of pearl cultivation. Multi-row Akoya pearl necklaces cost around 1000 euros.

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I particularly like the pearls in soft cream, this color flatters the complexion and doesn’t look as harsh as white.


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