Long or short? Which necklace goes with which clothing section?

Now that summer is over, we women are again wearing tops with different necklines, of course also with cleavage. And anyway, jewelery is better worn in the summer than in the cold winter, because it simply looks more effective on bare skin.

But not all necklines go with the same necklaces. Sometimes short or even tight-fitting chains look better, sometimes longer or very long chains.

Small V-neck

A striking chain nestles into this neckline for the evening, if possible double-rowed. It shouldn’t be too tight around the neck, but run along the V-neckline.

A longer necklace with a striking pendant also goes well with this neckline and is an option with flat V-neck tops and T-shirts, especially for leisure.

Round neckline

It depends on whether the neckline is cut quite wide or is pretty tight on the neck.

With a wide round neckline, a lush necklace that is based on the width of the neckline looks very festive and is what a noble evening at the theater, in a restaurant or another festive event.

With opulent chains, women can spice up simple tops very well. But as with the flat V-neckline, long chains with a large pendant look very good on shirts and tops with a large scoop neckline. Double-row chains are also advantageous for large round (but also deep V-) necklines.

If the neckline is tight, the chain should also be shorter so that it doesn’t spread so far on the fabric. With narrow round necklines, chokers, i.e. very tight chains, so-called neck corsets, also achieve a corresponding effect.

Boat neckline

With this very flat neckline, women should either opt for a choker (which was already trendy about two years ago) or avoid necklaces. Because if the chain is still lying on the fabric, the jewelry does not look advantageous on the wearer.

Very deep V-neckline

The skin area exposed by the deep V-neckline can be optimally filled with a long, multi-row necklace.

Strapless top or corsage

Even if a lot of skin is shown with this top variant, the woman should not necessarily choose an expansive necklace or a strong necklace, but rather opt for a delicate version. Because the skin already acts as jewelry here and should not be covered by XXL jewelry (a big jewelry trend this year – see Glamour.de).

Asymmetrical top/ one shoulder top

Women should wear a longer necklace with a striking pendant with these tops, which are strapless on one side and have a strap on the other. As a result, the neckline, which starts very narrow on the neck on the wearer’s side, is optically lengthened.


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