The right jewelery for every outfit

 Beautiful jewelry is not just a sparkling accessory, but can underline an entire styling. With the right jewelry you can express your individual personality and also emphasize your very personal style.

Thanks to the enormous variety of elegant pieces of jewelry, there is the perfect piece of jewelry for every type and every style, which can turn a style into a complete look.

Jewelry for every skin color type

Some love her noble pallor, while others delight in the tan. As different as our skin color is, so are the pieces of jewelery that are matched to match.

Jewelry for light skin types

Nordic guys with fair skin should go for silver jewellery . With the cool radiance of silver jewelry, pale skin comes into its own and looks much more flattering than gold jewelry on fair skin.

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Rose gold for dark types

Copper and gold alloy jewelry goes perfectly with tanned skin. The reddish shimmering gold makes dark skin shine.

Rose gold suits everyone

The trendy rose gold not only looks classy and elegant, but also goes perfectly with lighter and darker skin types and is therefore a real all-rounder.

This is how you find the right jewelry for every outfit

Discreet necklaces, magnificent rings or lavish bracelets, the range of jewelry for women is very extensive. So it’s no wonder that the choice can become agony.

For a beautiful cleavage

Anyone who chooses a top with which the décolleté should come into its own is welcome to decorate this area with a suitable piece of jewellery. Chokers, i.e. tight-fitting chains, present the chest area discreetly without stealing the show.

Thanks to the versatile pieces of jewellery, every woman will find the right necklace to optimally emphasize a low-cut top or a dress.

Enhance turtlenecks with trinkets

In winter, the turtleneck is a popular item of clothing. But this classic can also come into its own with a beautiful, long chain. A long golden chain can be ideally combined with turtleneck sweaters in dark colours. A silver chain can be perfectly combined with green or blue turtlenecks.

The right jewelery for an elegant appearance

An elegant dress, great make-up, the only thing missing for the perfect appearance is the right jewelry. Here the focus may be placed either on the ears or the neck. A chain with a subtle look is used for lavish earrings, while small studs on the ears sparkle with a striking chain.

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Boho style for flowing dresses

The summer trend is still flowing dresses that give us room to breathe. With these beautiful summer dresses, which usually come in an ethnic look, you can combine different pieces of jewelery without it looking too artificial.

Discreet silver chains, fashionable wooden chains, large earrings and playful bracelets – everything is possible with this summery hippie style.

Jewelry storage tips

If you have a large selection of jewelry for every occasion, you also need to know how to store it properly.

This compilation of jewelry storage tips will keep you organized :

Store gold and silver separately

To avoid discoloration, silver and gold jewelery should always be stored separately.

Never store jewelry in the bathroom

Even those who usually get ready in the bathroom should never store their jewelry there. The beautiful pieces of jewelry can be damaged in the high humidity. It is better to keep your jewelry in the bedroom.

Don’t wrap it in cotton

To protect jewelry from discoloration, it can be laid out in velvet. You should avoid using cotton wool, as the cotton wool could get stuck in the small eyelets and hooks of earrings and necklaces.

Don’t layer

Storing jewelry together can result in scratches on the jewelry. A jewelry box with many compartments that offers enough space for the treasures is better.


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