Great Shell Bead Jewelry – Cheap and classy looking beads

Great Shell Bead Jewelry – Cheap and classy looking beads

Shell Shell Pearls are produced from an oyster shell shell. This mussel core is very hard, so it can be processed very well. Therefore, round pearl balls can be ground and finely polished from it.

The mother-of-pearl from the oyster is finely ground and enriched with dyes. The powder is then mechanically applied to the shell core ball. This creates an exact mother-of-pearl layer with fine structures.

Inexpensive pearls in many colors thanks to a special process

Because it shines so elegantly and shimmers evenly, you can hardly tell a shell pearl from an oyster pearl. The above process allows shell pearls to be produced in many colors not found in natural pearls, and more flawless pearls than can be produced naturally in a short period of time.

A natural pearl about 14 mm in size takes three to four years to grow. A shell pearl of the same size only takes a fraction of this time.

There are shell pearls in many light cream and rose tones, lilac, purple, yellow, sand, raspberry red, brown, copper, various shades of green, gray and blue, black and iridescent in various colors. They go very well with summer clothing, but a chic necklace made of shell pearls also looks good with classic sweaters with a round neckline.

In addition to the many colors, shell pearls are also produced in different sizes, in round and in teardrop shapes.

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The rapid production is also reflected in the price of jewelry made from shellfish: earrings, bracelets and necklaces are available for as little as 15 to 50 usd and look very expensive and elegant.


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