Dainty anklets for summer

Summer time, time for bare feet and legs. Especially in the warm season, it makes sense to decorate your ankles with dainty anklets, either on one leg or on both, depending on your mood.

So if you have narrow ankles, you should emphasize them with a delicate anklet, I like this typical summer jewelry very much.

Anklets made primarily of sterling silver

There are many different anklets on the market. Sometimes very dainty without further details or with stones, pendants or small pearls.

Indian anklets, which are very elaborately designed, are particularly beautiful. Rubber anklets, on which you can then thread pendants or beads, depending on your desire and ingenuity, also look funny and original.

Above all, when buying an anklet, you should make sure that it does not contain nickel in order to avoid unsightly allergic reactions on the skin.

Sterling silver anklets are available for a good 10 euros, and other versions are not significantly more expensive.

Anklets – jewelry for summer and beach

In summer fashion, anklets actually look good with everything, especially with skirts, whether short or long, sundresses and shorts. With long pants, the ankle should still be visible so that the anklet is not covered. And airy sandals or toe separators also go well with this jewellery.

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For business, on the other hand, you should rather avoid wearing anklets. Because anklets are mainly holiday and leisure jewelry, just like the summer very popular toe rings .

If you are looking for something a little more unusual, such as hand-woven Thai anklets, you should visit DaWanda. There you will find many beautiful and customizable anklet offers.


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