Name necklaces and name jewelry online

Name jewelery and especially name necklaces are very popular with jewelery wearers. Ornate lettering of one’s own first name is often worn around the neck or as a bracelet.

Another variation of a name necklace is not the full first name, but only the first letter of the first name as a pendant.

Popular variant of name jewelry: partner chains

And a third variant of the name chain should also be mentioned here: the couple’s or partner’s chain, on which the names of the couple are engraved.

Most of the time, such a chain consists of two pendants that can be put together to form a unit, such as a broken heart or two pieces of a puzzle or a lock and a key.

The respective partner wears the pendant part with the other’s name around their neck or one decides to wear one’s own name. Just as you like.

The name chains are individually engraved according to the customer’s specifications. Name chains made of silver, gold-plated silver or gold are very popular.

name necklaces online

There are some jewelry online shops on the internet that offer name necklaces. For example The Jeweler Shop or Pearlfection . In addition, there are also extra jewelry online shops that specialize in name necklaces, such as My Name Necklace or Names for ever .

When ordering, you have a text box available to paste the text to engrave. Please also note the additional information for the design of the name chain from the respective provider.

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The prices for name chains are usually very cheap. You can often get a name necklace made of 925 sterling silver for less than 30 usd, in gold it is significantly more expensive (well over 100 usd).


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