Have you ever heard of pre-summer detox? In three simple steps you can prepare your hair perfectly for the summer. That’s how it’s done


Now is the perfect time for a hair detox

Lying by the lake, jumping into the water and licking an ice cream – what could be nicer than the hot summer days? But as much as we enjoy the heat, summer can be quite a strain on our hair. Frizz and dry, faded or even green-tinged hair are just a few of the possible consequences that will become apparent by autumn at the latest. Experts therefore recommend a so-called pre-summer detox to prepare your hair perfectly now and start the summer stronger.

You probably already know Detox from the field of nutrition. Here, for example, alkaline foods are drunk in the form of juices to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. When it comes to hair, the main thing is to cleanse it and the scalp intensively and then care for it. These three steps prepare your hair perfectly for the warm summer months:


It’s not just about looking after the outside, it’s also about looking after the inside. Therefore, you should make sure to drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day. Mineral water, herbal or fruit tea are also fine. But you should also be aware of certain nutrients and consume more of them. Zinc (meat, fish, whole grain, milk), biotin (milk, oatmeal, nuts, legumes), vitamin C (sea buckthorn, peppers, parsley) and selenium (meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms) are particularly essential for healthy, strong hair . They can be supplied through certain foods or through dietary supplements.


With all that hair, many people tend to forget that the scalp makes a significant contribution to hair health and should receive at least as much attention as the mane itself. That is why a stimulating scalp peeling is essential for the pre-summer detox. It removes dandruff and stimulates hair growth. If this is applied to the damp scalp every one to two weeks, gently massaged in and then rinsed out, the first step towards shiny, full summer hair has been taken.

So that the hair can optimally absorb nutrients, it should also be deep-cleansed from time to time. There are special detox shampoos for this, which free the hair from residues caused by styling or the environment and make it receptive to nourishing ingredients again.


Now that the hair and scalp are ready to absorb moisture and nutrients, they should receive intensive care. You can treat yourself to a treatment at the hairdresser’s or work with high-quality products for at home. Make sure that the moisture is actually sealed in the hair at the end and is not washed out again. Match the intensive treatment to your hair type and don’t forget to treat the scalp with a soothing, moisturizing gel or serum.

And when you go out in the sun again, the same applies as with your skin: don’t forget sun protection and heat protection ! This way you can enjoy your pre-summer detox for a particularly long time.


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