It is clear that you have to protect your skin from UV radiation with sunscreen. But what about the storage of this cream? Be sure to follow these tips


Caution is advised, especially if you have your sunscreen with you when you are out and about

Getting a tan in the sun on warm days is wonderful! However, you should definitely use sunscreen and avoid the midday heat. Are you already doing that? Then it is still important to store the sun care correctly. In order to ensure effectiveness for a long time, it is advisable to pay attention to these aspects:


Ideally, the sunscreen should be protected from light and stored in a cool place. This also applies to all beauty products. In everyday life, however, this is not always so easy to implement, especially with sunscreen, since you often take the sunscreen with you to the lake or beach so that you can apply it again and again. However, extreme heat such as in a car or in direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible. Always carry the sunscreen in a bag or even better a cool box and put it in the shade. You should also keep the cream away from damp places such as the bathroom, as mold can form more quickly. If you notice a change in texture or color, it is safer to discard the cream.

You should always ensure that you use your sunscreen within one season, otherwise there is an increased risk of cancer. You can find out more about this here . Always apply sunscreen generously and don’t forget to protect your lips with a UV protection balm. If you have not managed to use up the sunscreen and there are still leftovers, please do not pour it down the drain, but throw the entire pack in the residual waste or at the recycling center. You should also rely on reef-friendly sunscreens so as not to pollute the environment. 


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